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Aura Imaging

Ever wonder what your color your aura is? Or, how to perceive and feel your own aura? Well, look no further. Silver Lotus Yoga is offering Aura Imaging Reports during special events.

Aura Imaging is the visual representation of a person's specific emotional energy state that is displayed as a vibrant live and colorful aura image. Aura imaging software is able to give a complete aura color analysis with various images and reports using a biofeedback device. The date is digitized, analyzed, and correlated to create a unique personal rendering of your bio-energetic state and portrays your emotional energy, personality type and overall health and wellness.

A person's energy vibrates within a certain range, which represents a person's aura type or personality color. Knowing the meaning of each aura color personality type is the first essential step in each evaluation. Plus it's lots of fun!

This article from Johannes R. Fisslinger, goes into some further detail on what the aura is and what it can tell you.

Understanding the connection between our body, mind and energy is essential not only to our well-being but also our personal and spiritual growth. We know, our society is interconnected, computers are interconnected, families are interconnected, humans are interconnected with each other and every single human being is interconnected within him or herself. It is impossible to escape or negate this fact.

Mind/body connection means that we are a complex, interconnected, living system. Our physical body, with its countless components and systems, in interconnected with our emotions, feelings, thoughts, values, beliefs, intuitions and equally important, our higher mind. Actually, it is not only a mind/body connection, but a mind/body unity. Mind and body are only different expressions of the same unit which is often referred to as a human being. This concept and knowledge constitutes the basis for our work.

The Aura Video Station technology and Aura Mastery were developed to display your mind/body interactivity reflected through your own life energy or aura. They are tools designed for the purpose of assisting you in exploring and healing your Inner World of Mind, Body and Energy.

Aura Mastery, simply defined, means interactive mid/body and energy feedback. It literally opens a wondrous window into your own self and reflects your inner beauty and radiance. The mind/body connection is demystified, made practical and accessible for all human beings.

Inneractive AVS technology displays your mind/body and energy connection and gives you the necessary feedback and tools to make the changes in your life which you always wanted to create in the first place.

If you change your inner world, the outer world will follow.

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