Dark Side of the Moon

The Dark Moon or the New Moon calls us to turn inward for deep rest and rejuvenation. This phase is seldom embraced in our fast paced society. It teaches how to skillfully embrace the "void" and learn to navigate into stillness. This is the essence of Yoga and Meditation. Through these lesson we are able to empty out and release stagnation to set the inner environment for introspection. Experience the potent benefits that can balance and calm the nervous system, reverse exhaustion and promote self love, and healing. This deep rest gives rise to rebirth and renewed energy. From this place of nourishment we generate the capacity and clarity to plant the seeds of new beginnings. Harness the equal energy of the sun and the moon to launch your intentions into fruition. Like the momma bird sending her baby birds to soar into the world, trust in the process. Release all attachments of outcome and enjoy the cycle of growth. Overcome apprehensions and reservations allowing space for enthusiasm towards new experiences.

Enjoy this new moon practice....

A few other new moon ceremonies:

~ Make a New Moon manifestation jar, Be creative!

-Write the things you want to manifest in your life

-place soil, seeds, rocks, gems, anything you want to flourish

~ Make New Moon water. Set out under the moon’s energy or in a window sill (preferably glass and filtered/distilled water)

~ Put your stones out to cleanse them and set new intentions.

~ Create a sacred space!

~ Do something creative and new! Think outside your normal. What feeds your soul and sparks your creative passion?

~ Dance! Free your spirit and allow yourself to move wildly.

~ Create a Vision Board. New Moon. New You! What do you want to create for yourself? A Vision Board is a great daily visualization exercise to get your creative energy flowing.

~ Journal or try impulsive writing. Sit somewhere peaceful, take some breaths and then just write whatever comes through. Read and Reflect.

~ Pull some Oracle or Tarot cards or have some pull them for you.

~ Set your New Moon intention and light a candle.

~ Self Care~ Start with a self oil Massage. Take a bath and do it up! Bath salts, candles, incense, relaxing music, bubbles! You deserve it.

~ Take time to rest.

~ Plant something. Become that Earth Mother Plant Goddess.

Oshadhi Essential Oil Blend for New Moon


-Tangerine or Orange


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