Finding Balance In Baking

I LOVE to Bake. Mostly, I love to eat delicious sweet treats and share them with others. Just like teaching Yoga! I love the benefits and enjoyment I receive from practice so I feel the need to share.

I do A LOT of baking this time of year due to my garden but I am especially partial to lemon everything come summer. I have a tried and true recipe for "The Best Lemon Bars". This recipe is quick, easy, delicious and will always satisfy. Like our Yoga practice and my teaching style, some classes are just that. You come to your mat and get what you need, doing poses you know, with instruction you understand and leaving satisfied. But, I have also explored options to make my lemon bars differently. Maybe a little healthier, using different ingredients for different dietary needs. If I want to be able to share I need to consider these things. Which brings me back to our Yoga practice. Some days/classes we dive deeper, explore new ways to accomplish our poses and make adjustments as needed. So no matter what day it is for your Yoga practice or which lemon bar you choose, one thing is certain. You won't regret it! 😋🙏🍋

Links to recipes:

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