Flower Power

We have all heard the advice "stop and smell the roses" Walking outside just now I was stopped by the hypnotic aroma of the Lilacs. However I did not just smell...I collected and made a base for my next Kefir. I mean why just smell them when you can eat them too!

Many flowers are more than just edible, they contain many vitamins and minerals making them very nutritious. Their unique constituents also make them medicinal. Plants and their flowers have long been valued for their spirit as well. The flowers have a special energy...ever hear of Flower Essences?

Throughout time Flowers have been part of cuisine in many cultures. But don't just go out and make your many meal of flowers. There is still much unknown about these precious petals. So then how do you incorporate flowers into your foods?

1) Collecting Flowers

Visit your local farmer or farmers market

Grow your Own...use only organic flowers making sure there has been no contact with chemicals.

2) Cleaning Flowers:

Gently shake flowers to remove any excess dirt or insects.

Wash flowers in a bowl of cold water; drain

Dry flowers on a towel

Use immediately or store in air tight container lined with damp paper towel for upto 1 week

3) Using Flowers (a few ideas)

Sprinkle flowers as a garnish

Create a tea by seeping in warm water; strain and enjoy

Make a flower syrup:

Dissolve 1 cup sugar into 1 cup boiling water, pour over flowers. Let sit for 20-30min.

Strain and add to everything ;)

Candy Flowers

Infuse sugar or oil with flowers

Create Flower Wine (this may be an upcoming gathering)

Check out or Flower Forum for images and ideas of edible flowers...share your flower fun there too!


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