On the mouses back

Could you imagine seeing a potbellied boy with the head of an elephant riding on the back of a mouse just cruising down the street?

The legends of yoga can seem just that...a legend. Traditionally Yoga was an oral tradition taught via stories and epic tales. These stories contain the wisdom of Yoga, the teachings and insight of ancient sages. From the encounters and dealings of these characters we may gain the insight of these sages and how it applies to our lives.

The tales of Ganesha are some of my favorites.

Over coming his head being severed by his own father, then adapting to his replacement elephant head and balancing on his mouse chariot it is obvious Ganesha overcomes obstacles. His legendary loyalty has proven him reliable. The quality that was deemed necessary when it came to transcribing one of the most significant yoga writings, Mahabharata. Agreeing to write and understand each verse nonstop, Ganesha broke his own tusk to continue writing after his feather pen broke. Keeping his promise, his determination is valued for new beginnings.

When you find yourself faced with a challenge or at the start of a new beginning consider inviting Ganesha to the party. Invoke the qualities of this diety by repeating his mantra. Recite with intention and reverence to receive the blessings of Ganapati.

*This is an essential in my mantra toolkit, cause it works!

AUM Gum Ganapataya Namaha

Om Gam Ganpataye a meditation mantra dedicated to Lord Ganesha, and we chant it before starting any new venture. Its also known as Ganesh Maha Mantra. We chant it when inner or outer obstacles are holding us back to get to our true self and fully realising our potential. This Mantra is also used to balance and clear energy blockages in the Root Chakra or Muladhara. Below is the meaning of this powerful mantra.

OM – The Sound, the Vibration of the Universe, The Primordial Sound. AUM unites the 3 planes of existence to experience the universal oneness.

GAM – The Seed Sound, or bija sound of Lord Ganesha. This sound activates the root chakra

GANAPATAYE – Another name of Lord Ganesh, the one who overcomes of obstacles.

NAMAHA – I offer you my salutations, I bow or honor to you

Are you a Ganesha Fan? Do you follow the tales of Ganapati?

Join the discussion on our forum, how many stories do you see in my Ganesha Carving?


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