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The Yamas- Ahimsa

Updated: Aug 18

Recently, I was on a walk with my family and passed a group of older men who reside at the nursing home in town. One of those men used his walker to come to me with a flower and extended his hand to give it to me, no words just a smile. I graciously took the flower and smiled back as we continued our walk. Although no words were said there was really no need. The man who is at greater risk during this pandemic extended love and instead of being fearful I accepted. This small act brought so much peace into my heart. I later reflected on this act and it made me think in terms of the principles of yoga and the very first yama- ahimsa, even though we have the choice to look at this time as a completely hopeless, volatile environment. We can also decide to look at it from a different perspective with love and perform random acts of kindness. Thankfully, this man has helped me to choose the latter.

Have you had any acts of kindness that opened your heart during this pandemic?


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