Welcome September

Savoring the last days of Summer, wishing they may last forever. Of course as we know

all good things come to a close. The long, hot and humid days are fading into darker, cooler mornings and evenings. The perfect setting for a stroll in an Apple Orchard or along the banks of Bangs.

There is a change in the air. We notice a crispness to the mornings and crunch beneath our feet. The trees began to withdraw their sap into the core causing the leaves to wither and fall. This display reminds us of what is happening in our own body. The dryer air dries out our skin and vital organs. It is crucial to stay hydrated. We begin to crave more of the sweet root vegetables. Soups and stews seem more appetizing. Salty and sour foods help retain and stimulate moisture internally. This dryer inner environment may present as digestive upset, including constipation and bloating. The Ayurvedic herb Triphala has a tremendous benefit for improved digestive function. The 3 herbs are beneficial to all body types. Supporting our inner digestive health ensuring our health into the winter months.

We are being called inward. Re-establishing routines is the antidote for stress and anxiety. Avoid overexertion, favor restorative and nurturing practices to maintain resiliency and immunity. Ashwagandha is the perfect herb for fall. A rejuvenative for drained adrenals and a tonic to soothe the nervous system, it relaxes your body and mind. Thanks to the repairing and replenishing abilities of ashwagandha, your sleep will become more potent. It's benefits continue into the day revitalizing your energy and increasing focus and productivity.

Thru August the heat of summer peaks in nature and internally. It is referred to as "thermal accumulation". To achieve a successful seasonal transition Ayurveda encourages the reduction of this inner heat with the use of foods and spices. Super foods such as apples, pomegranates and watermelon reduce heat and replenish moisture. Spices like cardamon and cinnamon stimulate sluggish digestion. Eating seasonally is natures way to help us thrive all year long.

Harvest your Health with these deliciously balancing Recipes







Pitta Diet - Ayurvedic Summer Grocery Li
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Seasonal Shopping

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