At Home Self Care Retreat



Join us for a Sensory Journey towards Seasonal Vitality

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Investment: $54

Participants will receive an essentials kit to accompany the retreat. This kits contain a cloth to define your preparation space, candle, tea, essential oils and a few special treats. 

These may be obtained curb side or via mail (mail fee applies)

Enter the approaching season with a sense of serenity and wellbeing. 


Retreat Itinerary

As we open our sacred morning we will be led in a meditation to awaken our senses. Settling into the collective energy of joy and tranquility. 

Our opening practice is inspired from the wisdom of Yoga and the companion science, Ayurveda. Chenoa will present these principles in an easy and realistic way to use day to day. From quick daily habits and simple breath techniques to traditional practices and lifestyle changes, These small steps ultimate bring all that your higher self desires. Take charge of your health on all levels, mental, emotional and physical. Integrate the wisdom of these ancient healing arts to inform you of your current needs to maintain daily balance. 

stimulate your senses ~ calm your mind ~ experience inner harmony

Join Ann as she shares at-home practices working with plant medicine and massage.

She will demonstrate a simple preparation of herbal tea brewing  for you to follow along at home. Experience the effect of pairing aroma and taste as you sip herbal tea while simultaneously inhaling the healing steam of essential oils.  

Ann will guide you through an acupressure meridian point massage. You deserve to be spoiled so we included therapeutic oils to use along with you massage. During you at home treatment Ann will explain the benefits as well as technique giving you all that you need to maintain your new practice.

soothe your nervous system ~ nourish your body ~ invigorate your immunity

Completely relaxed from the warming tea and massage get all cozy for a deep relaxation accompanied by the Alchemy Sound Bowls. Patty will lead you in a guided relaxation bringing you to a state of "sleepless sleep" or Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra has a tremendous benefit for both the nervous system and the immune system. This technique allows everything to "reboot" causing you to feel absolutely wonderful. Adding the healing sound vibration of the Alchemy bowls enhances your ability to completely surrender and be...well, Zen.