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Moon Salute 

A Lunar Inspired collaboration

with Chenoa & Erin

Tutorial, Moon Salutation, Moon Meditation

Gentle Yoga w/ Angela

Great for Every-Body! A practice to nurture and relax the body using gentle stretches and movements. Gentle yoga increases body awareness with movement, explores breath-work, and deepens your mind body connection with a slow focused practice.

Hatha Yoga w/ Erin

This is wonderful for beginners and those looking to strengthen their asana practice. Hatha Yoga brings balance to the body by focusing on gentle movement, holding postures to support better alignment, and breathwork practices. Your instructor will help you explore posture variations and use of props to assist the body. 

Kundalini Yoga w/ Chenoa

Kundalini Yoga uses sets of exercises (kriyas), with breath, mantra, deep relaxation and meditation to achieve balance and clarity. Purify the body, expand the breath, and balance the mind with this revitalizing practice. All yoga students are welcome.

Chair Yoga w/ Jen

Thursday 11a-12p

Great for those who need a little extra assistance or support in the postures. Your instructor will guide you through an asana practice performed while sitting on the chair and using the chair for support during standing postures. No prior yoga experience necessary.


Explore common alignment, corrections and tips of Yoga Postures

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