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Full Moon Activation

with Shakta Kaur (Kundalini in the Loop)

Wednesday, October 20th

The Moon is an ancient tool we can still use today to time our goals, hone and sharpen our focus and to simply relax into the natural rhythms of the Cosmos. 


Join Shakta as she guides you each month through the lunar cycles with Kundalini yoga, meditation & ceremony to incorporate these days’ special gifts into your life!

Full MoonThe Moon is completely illuminated!  It is a day of completion and endings.  It’s time to put something to bed!  We see our seeds of intention from the last New Moon come to fruition.  We release negative habits and goals we no longer want to pursue.  We are at our highest energy level on this day!

12/4/21 New Moon – This is when we look at the sky and no part of the moon is illuminated.  That’s because the Moon is so close to the Sun in the sky that none of its side facing earth is illuminated.  We are at our lowest energy level on this day.

$20 per person

In-Studio Practice with Shakta via Zoom

Ghee Gathering
w/ Chenoa Lorenzo

Thursday, October 21st

What is Ghee? Ghee, simply put, is clarified butter. It’s been known as liquid gold and originated in Ancient India. Ghee is a beneficial butter that helps maintain the bodies natural balance, especially in the coming colder months. Ghee is often used and discussed in Ayurveda, the sister science of Yoga.


All attendees will take part in making ghee as we walk through making it step by step in the community kitchen at Silver Lotus. As we cook, we will discuss the ancient origins, traditions, and the health benefits of Ghee. 


If you would like to take home your own Ghee please bring in organic butter (from happy cows) 1/2 pound recommended, as well as jars to hold your Ghee. Otherwise there is no charge to attend this community offering. 

Yoga & Mental Health
w/ Jason Maravelias

Saturday, October 23rd

The workshop on Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD will be a Psychoeducational workshop.  We will review the scientific diagnosis on these three Mental Health Disorders, discuss common Western treatments often used, and review the holistic options that are becoming more popular, such as yoga and mindfulness, Reiki and other energy healing, and even the ancient practice of Shamanism.  We will practice some mindfulness meditation, breathing techniques, and discuss the positive effects. 

Jason Maravelias, E-RYT-200, RMT, Shamanic Practitioner, MSP


Limited Spaces Available

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Healing Journey Meditation
w/ Jason Maravelias

Friday, October 29th

Join Jason to learn more about the spiritual practice of Shamanism.  Each individual will experience a guided journey to his/her own safe place in the spirit world, and maybe get a chance to connect with a power animal and/or guide.

Jason Maravelias, E-RYT-200, RMT, Shamanic Practitioner, MSP

Class by Donation/Pay What You Can


Yogi's Table
w/ Silver Lining Vegan

Thursday, November 4th

Seed to Table Dinning 

Be our guest for an enriching evening of yoga, meditation and gourmet vegan soul food.





limited reservations

Restorative Yoga Sound Journey

Thursday, November 18th

Candlelight, Restorative Yoga 

& a Relaxing Sound Bath

Self care to the next level!

Indulge your senses and soothe your spirit! Harness the powerful support of props as you embrace the sound vibration for deep inner healing. Follow the call to set a fresh foundation, release old patterns and open to new opportunities. 

Check in with conversation on intention. Explore movement in your body to maintain comfort as you surrender to sound. Enhance the flow of energy connecting you to universal love. 

$18 or One Class from Package

Limited Spaces Available

Monthly Reoccurring Offering

Teacher Training Weekend Review

Open to Past Lotus Yoga Gradates Only!

Lotus Yoga Graduates are invited to join Saturdays Teacher Class and/or Review Sundays Training Day.

Reconnect to the community of learning:


Self Investment:


$45 Sunday Training Day This month 2:30-5:30pm

$15 Saturday Teachers Day

$60 Full Weekend

(Free to 2020 Graduates)

Monthly Reoccurring Offering

Living Yoga (Lifestyle of a Yogi)

Last Wednesday of the Month

*MONTHLY ZOOM SERIES* Spring Cleanising


Investment: $15 | Class Package

Circadian Living {In time with Nature}

Blending ancient wisdom with modern day living to make sense of the rhythms of your body.  Fine tuning into your surroundings and learn a new way of staying balanced and healthy. 

Learn the Ayurvedic approach to healthy cleansing. Enter the new season with new energy.