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Energy Healing | Angel Card Readings | Dream Interpretation

Dalal Rosenzweig

I believe that the body can heal itself.  Our biggest challenge is to remember and reconnect with the divine source that is in all of us. When we can do this we experience incredible shifts in mind, body and spirit.

Dalal is a certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Full Spectrum Healing, IET, Angel healing and Jorei. Dalal works a lot with Angel energy and the energy of our higher selves, our guides and the universal energy of love. Her ultimate goal is to work on the root of the issue. Many times the root cause of emotional, physical, and mental distress is buried in our past, unconscious to us.  Her healing sessions work on slowly tapping into that root cause, bringing it to light and energetically releasing it from your field.

Energy Healing

Energy Medicine recognizes that there are layers to a physical body that comprise of mind, body, spirit.  These are all connected through energy.  It is a vital force that can determine the health of a patient.  Physical, mental and emotional health are effected by the way the energy flows in and around a body. 


An Energy Medicine Practitioner works to restore the balance and harmony of this energy in a person to help bring balance and harmony to an individual.  This can be done by working with the aura or the chakras of a person.​ 


My typical sessions include a discussion of what is bothering you, and what you want to work on.  We typically talk for 20-30 minutes and then a 30-45 minute healing is done to integrate our conversation energetically into the body.

Energy Healing treatment

60 minute treatment ($120)

Angel Card Readings

We all have Guardian Angels who guide and protect us and want to help us.  Angels are very respectful of our choices and will only help when they are called upon.  A wonderful tool to connect with your Angels and the Archangels around us is by using Angel Cards.  I primarily use card decks from Doreen Virtue, the founder of angel therapy.  I use cards often in my healings to help people get a closer understanding of an issue they are working through. 

Angels love everyone unconditionally.  They see our inner beauty and connectedness to God.  They see our highest potential and work with us on that level, without judgement but with unconditional love.

Angel Card Reading

30 minute Reading ($65)

Dream Interpretation

Dreams are a beautiful resource our souls give us to learn and grow. When we sleep our mind consciousness sleeps which gives us a pathway for messages from our soul. 


Dreams are a wonderful channel that allows access to knowledge within ourselves giving us information on what is happening in our daily lives and how to navigate through them. Often messages are given to us through symbols that are sometimes hard to interpret once our conscious minds get involved again, when we are awake. 


Dreams and symbols are unique to individuals and not universal. It is important to sit with a dream and understand what the symbols represent to you and what is going on in your world.  A bird in your dream might symbolize freedom or a new opportunity where as to someone else a warning. 


I work to help bring clarity to the messages and signs sitting in your dreams.  I often receive intuitive "hits", information, when someone describes a dream to me.  I am often able to help someone come to a deeper understanding of what those messages may mean and clarify confusing images into a clear picture.

Dream Interpretation

30 minute ($50)


Schedule your appointment... or 847-772-9204 

Schedule all three...

2 hour $215

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