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In Person Yoga Schedule

 All Classes Require Preregistration {Registration Instructions}
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We aim to encourage your practice and commitment while ensuring safety for all.
We are so grateful for the opportunity to share yoga with you and are humbled to be part of your journey!

Guidelines and Policies

~Class Registration:
ALL In Studio Classes require preregistration, please consider registering online for all classes. 
*Due to limited spaces we have implemented a 2 hour class cancellation. 

(to be kind to others, your reservation holds your space. Please notify of cancellation 2 hours prior to class for refund)


~Respecting social distancing, we will host limited students per class.

~Following CDC guidelines. Masks are optional. Let's be kind and considerate.

~Please bring your own mat and props that support your practice. Although we do have these for use in studio and ask that any used props are wiped down. 


~Please leave your personal belongings at home or in trunks. No items such as purses or extra bags will be permitted in the practice space. This is also a thoughtful practice to help disconnect. 

~All frequently touched surfaces will be sanitized before and after classes. 

~Please do not attend class if you do not feel well (including coughing, sneezing & respiratory symptoms), have recently traveled to high risk place, or have been in contact with someone who has been infected. 

Outdoor Yoga

Weather Permitting

Registration and Prepayment Required

2 Hour Cancelation 

We will be practicing Social Distance Guidelines

Please bring your own mat and props you may need

Masks are Optional

Bathroom facilities will not be available

Studio Etiquette

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class time

Shoes to be removed and left in designated space

Wear comfortable fitted clothing

Refrain from eating 30 minutes prior to practice

We ask all to come Fragrance Free

Leave Cell Phones/Personal Belongings in the closest, please do not bring into practice space.

We encourage community in the boutique lounge, please use a soft voice or refrain from conversation in practice area

Props are your friends/allies...please clean and return props in a neat and orderly way

New Students | FAQ's
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This is wonderful for beginners and those looking to strengthen their asana practice. Hatha Yoga brings balance to the body by focusing on gentle movement, holding postures to support better alignment, and breathwork practices. Your instructor will help you explore posture variations and use of props to assist the body. 

Gentle Yoga

Great for Every-Body! A practice to nurture and relax the body using gentle stretches and movements. Gentle yoga increases body awareness with movement, explores breath-work, and deepens your mind body connection with a slow focused practice.

Chair Yoga

Great for those who need a little extra assistance or support in the postures. Your instructor will guide you through an asana practice performed while sitting on the chair and using the chair for support during standing postures. No prior yoga experience necessary. Chairs will be provided.

Restorative Yoga

Beginners and experienced students welcome! This practice explores yoga postures that have a calming effect on mind and body. Restorative Yoga includes slow-paced limbering followed by extended holding of postures. Students will use deep breathing to settle in to each position. These longer held postures bring stillness to the mind while creating a deep release in the body.You are sure to leave feeling relaxed and renewed. 

Yoga Flow

Add a challenge to your yoga practice!

Explore fluid transitions between postures while moving with the rhythm of your breath. In this class you will work towards more challenging postures using different skills and drills. You will awaken and activate your body as well as engage your muscles to build both endurance and strength. Learning proper alignment will unlock a new world of potential within your practice.  

Prenatal/PostNatal Yoga

A gentle flow in a nurturing atmosphere designed to support and empower mamas. This class is for those that are preparing for pregnancy, expecting and post delivery. Share in a sacred community space. 

Are you expecting? Want to practice Yoga? Contact us about class. This class is schedule upon participation. 


Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga uses sets of exercises (kriyas), with breath, mantra, deep relaxation and meditation to achieve balance and clarity. Purify the body, expand the breath, and balance the mind with this revitalizing practice. All yoga students are welcome.

Movement, Mantra, Meditation

Beginners and experienced students welcome! A Traditional practice that explores the science of yoga through postures, breath, and meditation. Limber the body and expand your understanding of breath techniques to prepare the body and mind for a deeper meditation practice.

Introduction to Meditation

Each class offers an opportunity to become more comfortable in your practice. With the use of simple explanations and modifications,  you will be guided through gentle postures, breath awareness and guided relaxation. Your instructor help ease you into stillness leading into a silent meditation. 

Teen Yogis

A yoga practice designed specifically for the needs of teens. In this class we focus on different relaxation techniques as well as explore a range of relaxing to challenging Yoga postures. ages 13+

Young Yogis

From stories to Yogi games, the benefits of yoga are introduced in a playful way. ages 4-6 and 7-9, 10-12


Class Pricing

$18 Drop In

$75/5 Classes 

6 Month Expiration

$140/10 Classes

1 Year Expiration

$270/20 Classes

1 Year Expiration

Student w/ ID $12 drop in $110/10 Classes 

6 Month Expiration

Ultimate Unlimited:

Unlimited in studio and Virtual Classes $135

Monthly, 3 month commitment

Online Classes:

Monthly Virtual Memberships: $27

Chair Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, 

24/ 7 access to 4 classes per month, special features

Monthly Unlimited Virtual Membership: $54

24/7 access to the entire online library

​$12 Virtual Class Rental

2 day Rental

Class Packages are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Class Packages valid on weekly in-studio classes only.

Class Packages may be shared with members of the same household.

Registration Guide

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