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Sound healing

Multi-Instrument Sound Session

Sound healing has been a powerful healing method since ancient times. Ancient sages, mystics, and spiritual teachers understood that the whole of existence is in a continual state of vibration, and believe that the universe was created by sound. Scientists, physicists and modern healers are now rediscovering what the ancients knew long ago.

Sound vibration harmonizes the autonomic nervous system, effortlessly shifting us from a state of hyper-alertness (fight or flight response) to a tranquil state, where our breathing slows, our heart rate decreases, and relaxation unfolds,  (parasympathetic nervous system). 

Personalized Sound Session - Chenoa & Megan

Chenoa Lorenzo

Weaving the transformative power of sound vibration to guide individuals on a journey of deep relaxation and inner balance. Skillfully crafting soundscapes that create a safe and nurturing environment for individuals to reconnect with their inner selves, release tension and trauma, and awaken to their full potential.

Megan VerPlancke

"As a sound healing practitioner, I consciously create sound waves taking you to a state of complete relaxation; deep healing, as well as expansion of consciousness occurs for the soul receiving this sacred treatment. Everything is in truth in a state of vibration, including our physical body." 


Sound Sessions Pricing

75 Minute Session - $100 individual | Couples: $165
90 Minute Session - $120 individual | Couples: $175

120 Minute Session - $155 individual | Couples: $275

Time may be split between multiple modalities.*

*Bodywork/Massage/Yoga additional fee

To learn more about individual healing sessions contact us... or 847-772-9204 

Learn More about Private Events & Parties HERE

Biofield Tuning - Ann Torp, LMT, RYT 200

Biofield Tuning: Biofield Tuning is a sound therapy that uses tuning forks to help clear stagnation and promote the flow of energy through and around the body. The forks may be used directly on the body, as well as in the electromagnetic biofield that surrounds each of us. After a session, people often report feeling lighter and having an enhanced sense of clarity. A regular Biofield Tuning session works primarily in the biofield, while a Sonic Meridian Flush works mostly on the body.

To learn more about individual healing sessions contact us... or 847-772-9204 

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