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Reiki Rei (Universal) ki (energy)

Experience the gentle, yet profound, energy of Reiki! An ancient Japanese healing art, Reiki is a holistic hands-on healing technique that produces feelings of calmness, peace and well-being to promote healing.

Commonly administered through the hands with the client lying fully clothed on a massage table or sitting in a chair. Universal Life Force (Ki) energy flows through the practitioner to the client helping to remove energy blocks, promote relaxation, reduce stress, etc; supporting enhanced energy flow and the body's natural ability to heal. Studies have reported improvements in sleep, reductions in pain, stress and nausea. As well as faster healing times and a more positive attitude. 

Chenoa Lorenzo

(Reiki Master Teacher)


"Together, we'll explore the power of these ancient practices to cultivate inner peace, harmony, and balance in our busy lives."

Megan VerPlancke

(Reiki Practitioner)


"A treatment often feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around the recipient."

Rachel Claver

(Reiki Practitioner)


"I believe that by helping people connect with their inner voice, they can discover what brings them genuine happiness."

Patty Wisniewski

(Reiki Master)


"The best way to know Reiki is to experience it for yourself with a session."



Schedule your appointment... or 847-772-9204 

75 minute treatment  ($100)

90 minute treatment ($120)

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