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Wellness Services

Gentle postures, breathing techniques, and skillful hands-on assists to foster a deeper connection between body, mind, and spirit, promoting relaxation, alignment, and inner healing.


Rich travels the world studying and teaching massage therapy and Yoga.

He is former faculty at the Chicago School of Massage Therapy, The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Rishikul Yoga, and Mathatitu Yoga Ashram.

He has done hundreds of workshops, trainings and retreats internationally, guest lectured at the Auyurvedic College in Mysore, India, in Hamburg, Germany, the Sacred Valley in Peru, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, featured at Wanderlust Chicago, and Bhakti fest Midwest.

A meditation practitioner since 1978, serious student of Yoga since 1998, teacher since 2001. He incorporates his knowledge of anatomy and physiology with a unique understanding of spirituality in the modern world.  

Therapeutic Massage | Craniosacral Therapy | Lymphatic Drainage | Visceral Manipulation | Movement Therapy

Ann Torp, LMT, RYT 200


Ann aims to offer bodywork as one aspect of healing, helping clients build strong immune systems, resolve chronic health conditions, heal properly from injuries and improve overall health. Her approach supports the vital forces in the body to clear stagnation and release restrictions that interfere with the amazing capacity for self-repair.

Experience the gentle, yet profound, energy of Reiki! An ancient Japanese healing art, Reiki is a holistic hands-on healing technique that produces feelings of calmness, peace and well-being to promote healing.

Commonly administered through the hands with the client lying fully clothed on a massage table or sitting in a chair. Universal Life Force (Ki) energy flows through the practitioner to the client helping to remove energy blocks, promote relaxation, reduce stress, etc; supporting enhanced energy flow and the body's natural ability to heal. Studies have reported improvements in sleep, reductions in pain, stress and nausea. As well as faster healing times and a more positive attitude. 

Sound healing

Multi-Instrument Sound Session

Sound healing has been a powerful healing method since ancient times. Ancient sages, mystics, and spiritual teachers understood that the whole of existence is in a continual state of vibration, and believe that the universe was created by sound. Scientists, physicists and modern healers are now rediscovering what the ancients knew long ago.

Sound vibration harmonizes the autonomic nervous system, effortlessly shifting us from a state of hyper-alertness (fight or flight response) to a tranquil state, where our breathing slows, our heart rate decreases, and relaxation unfolds,  (parasympathetic nervous system). 

Personalized Sound Session - Chenoa & Megan


Reflexology is a science that deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to all of the glands, organs and parts of the body. Reflexology is a unique method of using the thumbs and fingers on these reflex areas.


Patty Wisniewski

Patty is a certified reflexologist and studied at the lnternational lnstitute of Reflexology.

Dedicated to Continual Self-Development and Research

Reflexology helps to:

Relieve stress and tension

Improves nerve and blood supply

Promotes the unblocking of nerve impulses

Helps nature to normalize (homeostasis)

Energy Healing | Angel Card Readings | Dream Interpretation

Dalal Rosenzweig

I believe that the body can heal itself.  Our biggest challenge is to remember and reconnect with the divine source that is in all of us. When we can do this we experience incredible shifts in mind, body and spirit.

Dalal is a certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Full Spectrum Healing, IET, Angel healing and Jorei. Dalal works a lot with Angel energy and the energy of our higher selves, our guides and the universal energy of love. Her ultimate goal is to work on the root of the issue. Many times the root cause of emotional, physical, and mental distress is buried in our past, unconscious to us.  Her healing sessions work on slowly tapping into that root cause, bringing it to light and energetically releasing it from your field.

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