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Yoga on Phil's Beach

Sunday, May 15th

Find peace with yoga and meditation in the relaxing setting of Phil's Beach. Gaze out onto Bangs Lake as you pair the calming benefits of yoga and water. The smell of the beach, feel of the sand, the warmth of the sun. . .

a calm way to begin the day!


$20 Single Class (Included in Class Packages)

Warrior Poet Yoga
w/ Steve Willis

Thursday, September 15th

Warrior Poet Yoga brings the calm energy of the Warrior in the active first half of the class. Inspiring your Courage without aggression and Confidence without fear. In the second half, we'll find the integrating energy of the Yoga Poet.  Explore empathy as it allows one to understand others and be without judgement within themselves.

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Restorative Yoga with Essential oils & Reiki Infused Adjustments
w/ Chenoa

Friday, September 16th

A gift of Self Care!

An invitation to bring peace and calm to mind and body through passive stretching and the healing properties of Aromatherapy.  Elevate your senses while enhancing quiet stillness within. Gentle hands-on adjustments will encourage the body to reset. Find the ability to connect into your innate intelligence as you shed past tensions and stress. This practice is designed to open the heart and clear the mind creating a deep sense of relief. 

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This session is Full.

Please stay connected for next offering.

$25 Limited Reservations

An Intro to Yoga
w/ Chenoa

Saturday, September 17th

Start your journey learning the foundations of Yoga.

Thinking about trying yoga? or Wanting to deepen your practice? 

This workshop for you.

Chenoa will share slides and stories to bring Yoga to life. We will explore the history and origins of postures and the philosophy behind them to better understand the intended alignment. The conversation will lead into an overview of breath techniques as well as an experience of meditation. An atmosphere to share and discuss will ensure you will be confident to attend any community yoga class or practice at home. 


Monthly Meditation
w/ Chenoa

Sunday, September 18th

Abundance Meditation

A new series...

Each gathering will begin with a mini limbering practice, freeing the Joints and Glands. A very traditional approach to Yoga Postures (Asana). This will lead into learning a new Mantra and Mudra. These tools will elevate our experience in Mediation and the ability to manifest the practice theme.  

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Included in Memberships & Packages

An Intro to Meditation
w/ Chenoa

Sunday, September th

Learn the simple techniques to successful meditation

A preparation for a home mediation practice. Become more comfortable in your practice by learning skills and time tested applications. Through this workshop you will gain the knowledge of meditation postures, breath work, concentration aids as well as relaxation techniques. 


$25 (Included in Unlimited Memberships)

Sanctuary of Sound
w/ Chenoa

Thursday, September 22nd

Candlelight, Restorative Yoga & Relaxing Sound Bath​

Self care to the next level!

Indulge your senses and soothe your spirit! Harness the powerful support of props as you embrace the sound vibration for deep inner healing. Follow the call to set a fresh foundation, release old patterns and open to new opportunities. 

Check in with conversation on intention. Explore movement in your body to maintain comfort as you surrender to sound. Enhance the flow of energy connecting you to universal love. 

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