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Bewitching Week of Yoga

October 25th-31st

Yoga Teacher Training

Next Session Begins

November 7th & 8th

Harvest Healing Sound Journey

Candlelight, Crystals, Restorative Yoga 

& a Chakra balancing Sound Bath

Self care to the next level!

Indulge your senses and soothe your spirit! Embrace the powerful support of vibration for deep inner healing. Follow the call to set a fresh foundation, release old patterns and open to new opportunities. 

Check in with conversation on intention. Explore movement in your body to maintain comfort as you surrender to sound. Crystals will be placed to enhance the flow of energy connecting you to universal love. A blend of sacred herbal incense will be burned to carry intentions to be blessed by the infinite. Did I mention held in a space of Reiki healing. 

Investment: $15 very limited, reserve today

Tuesday, October 27th


Think..."best nap of your life"  (You may want someone to pick you up) 

Full Moon Ceremony

in my hOMe Garden

Thursday, October 29th 5:00-6:15pm

Investment: $25 (with supplies) | $15 retuning participant(reuse supplies)

Enjoy gentle movement and calming breath as you set your intentions with sacred sound and meditation. Make an offering to the flames to bring clarity and transformation during this time of self reflection. Take advantage of heightened intuition to become more adaptable. 

Release and Renourish! Learn the technique of infusing water with moon energy and how to properly administer this charged water. 

Space is very limited, Reserve Today! 

Included: Blue Glass Jar, Full Moon Stone Set, Herbs for Fire Ceremony

Chakra Healing Wand & Sound Healing

Thursday, November 5th 7:00-8:30pm

Investment: $25

Align your chakras with a self created Selenite Chakra Healing Wand!

Let your creativity flow as you create a unique healing tool infused with mantra and intention. The gemstones used have a harmonizing effect on the chakras and selenite is clearing and helps move energy. 

Instant Gratification...after completing your healing tool we will settle in for a sound meditation. Leaving you feeling balanced and blissful.

Included: Rudraksha and Gemstone Beads, Silk String, Tassel & Pouch

Make Your Own Mala

Rudraksha and Gemstone Beads

Saturday, November 7th 11:00a-1:00p

Create your own Rudraksha Chakra mala infused with your intention.  

This workshop will provide everything you need to flourish in a meditation practice. As we string we will discuss breath, mantra and meditation. Experience how to weave all three together to discover your true nature of peace, happiness and bliss. 

Take a pilgrimage into your inner being with the Yoga Path of Meditation. 

Investment: $30

Alchemy Singing Bowls & Yoga Nidra with Patty

Saturday, November 14th 9:30-10:30am

These bowls are made of 99.99% pure crushed clear quartz which are alchemized with other crystals, gems and metals. These alchemy singing bowls are believed to have meaning and allow people to personalize the way they use them to achieve wellness goals.

Every bowl has a different note, and harmonizes well with other bowls. 

When these are played simultaneously, the effect can be exquisite and synergistic.

What is Yoga Nidra? The term Yoga Nidra is derived from two Sanskrit words, yoga meaning union or one-pointed awareness, and nidra which means sleep. ... For this reason, yoga nidra is often referred to as conscious sleep or deep relaxation with inner awareness. While in this relaxed state we are able to be more aware and more focused. It brings clarity, focus and helps to center and calm the mind of thoughts that do not serve us.

Self Investment $25

We welcome you to personalize your wand (feathers, handle and adornments will be supplied). As the smoke rises into the air, we will picture your intention, whatever it may be. If you are participating to clear negative energies around you, we will picture its density and see it lifting away.


Participants receive a sage bundle, shell, palo santo stick, instructions and handmade feather wand. 

All supplies are sustainably and ethically collected.  

Sacred Art of Smudging

Sunday, July 26th 4:00-6:30pm

Investment: $45

An indigenous healing ceremony in Chenoa's hOMe Garden. Learn the traditional techniques to purify your energy and atmosphere.  

Since ancient times, our ancestors have burned sacred herbs and resins, believing the sacred smoke to raise vibrations, dispel of negativity, and assist with spiritual work. Today, we know this process as smudging, and it remains a critical first step in any sacred ritual. Smudging can be done daily to purify any sacred space or before ritual, ceremony, or meditation. It’s an integral part of many spiritual practices. 

In this workshop participants will be introduced to traditional methods of clearing space, objects and individuals. Gain understanding on intention setting, the act of smudging and the significance of tools and supplies used. Participate in one of the most healing rituals by creating your own Smudge Wand. Made of feathers and a natural wooden handle, a smudge wand is an instrument used to guide smoke in a desired direction.

Grateful Yoga

Thursday, July 9th  6:15-7:30pm

This class presents an opportunity to give back to the community.  Open your heart and expand your mind with a yoga practice to the music of the Grateful Dead. 

A special psychedelic practice from set up your backlights, grab your glow sticks and get ready to flow.

Online Series

Intro to Meditation

w/ Erin Murphy

6 week Session 7/6-8/10


Each class has been curated to offer an opportunity to learn skills and applications of the yoga tools for meditation.   With the use of simple explanations and modifications you will become more comfortable in your practice. Through this series you will gain the knowledge of meditation postures, breath work, concentration aids as well as relaxation techniques. 

Self Investment: $55

Yoga Essentials

Thursday 7-8:30

Saturday, March 28th 10:00-11:30am

Investment: $25 | $30 day of  {Monthly Members $20}


For students just starting or those looking to deepen their practice. This class will allow you to learn basic postures, cuing lingo and guidance on the use of props. Experience the benefits of Yoga in an intimate judgment free space with others who have the same questions and concerns. 

Living Yoga

(Lifestyle of a Yogi)

Thursday 7-8:30

Saturday, April 11th  2:00-3:15pm

Investment: $15 | $20 day of


Circadian Living {In time with Nature}

Blending ancient wisdom with modern day living to make sense of the rhythms of your body.  Fine tuning into your surroundings and learn a new way of staying balanced and healthy. 

Book Club

Thursday 7-8:30


Although Yoga teaches non attachment how many of us find an abundance of books on the shelves? You are in good company. 

Liberated a few of those titles to welcome in new pages of inspiration. Bring a book or two with you and swap for another. Stop in for a trade and stay for conversation. Feeling Lucky? stop in to see what's on display. Or let us know you will be attending and we will circulate a list to all registered. 


Treats will be served.

Reiki Blessing & Meditation

Thursday 7-8:30

Sunday, March 29th 1:30-2:45pm

Investment: $30 | $35 day of


Renew your sense of self with a traditional Japanese Reiki meditation called Hatsurei hŏ. Hatsurei hŏ is a meditation connecting the breath to the Hara (located about two fingers below the belly button). The Hara is the center of our true self, our being, our great bright light. This is a grounding meditation that will allow you to connect to your center.  


Patty will lead you through a gentle, relaxing yoga practice that will ready you for the meditation. Creating the stillness to receive a traditional Japanese Reiki blessing called a Reiju. 


The definition of Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy. 

No experience is necessary to attend.

Patty Wisniewski is a Reiki Teacher and Practitioner who has been taught in both the “Western” style and the Traditional System of Japanese Reiki. 

Virtual Self Care Retreat

Saturday, October 10th 10:00a-12:00p

Join us for a Sensory Journey towards Seasonal Vitality

The festivities will begin with a centering ceremony connecting the 5 Senses. A rejuvantive practice of Yoga and Meditation will bring clarity to your individual health needs. Soothe your body and soul as you sip herbal tea paired with an Essential Oil steam Inhalation. Apply essential oils to acupressure meridian points in a therapeutic self massage . Integrate your efforts in a deep relaxation accompanied by Alchemy Sound Bowls to find peace of mind.

Treat yourself to a morning of holistic, immune boosting practices!

Self Investment $54 

participants will receive an essentials kit to accompany retreat

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