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Our Practitioners

Yoga Private Sessions, Ayurveda/Yoga Specialist, Reiki, Sound Healing, Shamanic Healing
with Chenoa Lorenzo 



Integrative Bodywork

with Ann Torp, LMT, RYT 200 

Ann is an integrative bodyworker, yoga instructor and a student of clinical herbalism with a certificate in Basic Herbalism for Bodyworkers from the Zen Shiatsu Institute. She has trained in multiple bodywork modalities, enabling her to address health issues from many angles. Her focus is on helping people build strong immune systems, resolve chronic health conditions, heal properly from injuries and safely manage side effects of medications. 

Ann aims to offer bodywork as one aspect of healing. She educates and encourages clients to explore, discover and embrace lifestyle behaviors that best serve their potential to be happy, healthy and whole.


Therapeutic Yoga
with Rich Logan 

Rich Logan


Reiki & Reflexology

with Patty of Zen Den

Patty's mission is to inspire, empower, and promote feelings of relaxation, peace, and well-being that aids in enhancing your wellness of body, mind, and soul.


Energy Healing

with Dalal Rosenzweig 

Dalal is an Energy Medicine Practitioner that has been practicing since 2007.  She uses a variety of healing modalities and techniques in her session to fit the individual needs of her clients.  She is certified in Full Spectrum Healing, Reiki, IET, Angel healing and Jorei.  She is guided by her intuition and the energy of the client.  

"I believe that the body can heal itself from anything from emotional trauma to physical disabilities as long as you give your body and mind the space it needs to run the healing energy through it.  We  are so powerful but have forgotten the power we each hold within us.  Healing comes from the client, I just provide the space to allow it to happen,"  Dalal works a lot with Angel energy and the energy of our higher selves, our guides and the universal energy of love.


Access Consciousness Bars™
Reiki & Sound Healing
with Megan VerPlancke

The universe led Megan to rediscover her spiritual path through yoga over a decade ago. Guided by divine intervention, a deeply seeded need to seek a greater understanding of life was activated. A journey of Ancient esoteric and metaphysical studies ensued, leading to her current healing practices of   Sound Healing, Access Consciousness Bars™ and Reiki. Universal Love is at the core of all true healing work, and is the center of every healing session that is offered. A cosmic connection with the angelic realm ensures that an unconditionally loving space is held, and a kind voice can be counted on always. Authentic to her path, In Megan’s free time, she enjoys spending time in nature, hiking, biking and wandering the earth scapes connecting with nature spirits, elementals, fae and many other earthly and non-earthly folk. Along with homeschooling two of her three children, Megan enjoy’s connecting with and guiding young children in a Waldorf inspired school space. She is presently and enthusiastically participating in Lotus Yoga Center’s 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Chenoa Lorenzo. 

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