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Shamanic Journey

Jason  Maravelias

Shamanic Practitioner | Reiki Master Teacher | 500TTP 

Healing journeys help bring answers and guidance to one’s life providing new avenues for individuals to help bring self-awareness and spiritual healing.

Healing Journeys:

Embracing one’s power is enlightenment beyond the riches of existence. 

Shamanic healing is a spiritual practice among ancient civilizations throughout all continents.  

Healing ceremonies or Shamanic journeys utilize sacred techniques that can help bring answers and guidance to one’s life.


Healing Journeys connect individuals to their own spiritual path providing new avenues to help bring self-awareness, spiritual healing and even help guide to a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of a Shamanic Journey: 

  • Connection to a persons spiritual guides


  • Past life regression healing


  • Past Trauma healing


  • Ancesteral awakening and healing


  • Reveal needs for better physical, mental, and spiritual care

  • A need to remove earth bound spirits from place of residence


Jason is a current psychotherapist with Kids Above All, a prominent organization that focuses on foster care, group homes, early childhood development, and counseling children and adults.  Jason has an educational and professional background in Psychology, Yoga, Reiki, and Shamanism.  Jason utilizes an eclectic approach, which means that with the multiple theories at our fingertips, it is crucial to find the correct theory that will help a client.  He believes that people have the positive strengths in order to empower the solutions individuals are striving for. 


Jason is a certified Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher who uses the Usui Reiki traditions along with the Native American Shamanic practices to assist individuals with internal physical and spiritual healing.  These healing modalities help individuals to connect to his or her spiritual guides to help provide answers and healing to the present moment.  Jason also is a certified Angel therapist who incorporates Angel healing in all holistic practices.


Jason is also a certified Hatha Yoga instructor (500 E-RYT), who is currently completing his 300TTP with Yoga Renew.  Not only is the practice of using the multiple asanas (poses) to help guide relaxation, but pranayama (breath work) and meditation are used to mindfully center one’s self to deeper awakening.  Jason incorporates the philosophy of yoga into the mental health field, which brings an understanding of a wholeness.


Healing Journey  

60 minute session ($110)

Shamanic Healing
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