Shamanic Journey

Jason  Maravelias

Shamanic Practitioner | Reiki Master Teacher | 200TTP 

Healing journeys help bring answers and guidance to one’s life providing new avenues for individuals to help bring self-awareness and spiritual healing.

Healing Journeys:

Shamanism is an ancient technique, throughout all continents, that connects our human existence with Spirit.  Healing, ceremonies, and guidance are just a few of these sacred techniques used.  


I began my yoga and Shamanic journey in 2014 when I was exposed to Shamanism for guidance and answers.  It was from this journey, I received healing from Spirit and was guided to Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Center in Palatine.  I decided to start my yoga journey first, so I can learn the power of meditation, breathing exercises, and how yoga poses help move blocked energy.  Shortly after completion of my yoga certificate, I started learning Shamanism. I was astounded by the power having this special connection with Spirit.  I help provide this connection for individuals to become connected with Spirit.  If you are interested in learning more about Shamanism, please reach out for a Shamanic journey or intuitive awakening.


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Jason Maravelias: | (224) 908-4199


Healing Journey  

60 minute session ($110)